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Saw palmetto supplements.


Native Americans regularly consumed the leaf of this small palm tree as a food, so they were probably not plagues by prostate problems. Now frequently prescribed by doctors in Europe, saw palmetto is a herb with men's troubles in mind.

What it is

The saw palmetto, a small plam tree that grows wild in the southern USA, gets its name from the spiny saw-toothed stems that lie at the base of each leaf. With a life span of 700 years the plant seems almost indestructable, resisting drought, insect infestation and fire. Its medicinal properties are derived from the blue-black berries, which are usually harvested in August and September. This process is sometimes hazardous: harvesters can easily be cut by the razor-sharp leaf stems, and they risk being bitten by the diamondback rattlesnakes that make their homes in the shade of this scrubby plant.

This article was published on Tuesday 30 March, 2010.
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