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Snacking between meals??   
  Check this out!
Date Created: 14/09/2012

Glucosamine and the dtb   
Just read an excellent article on Glucosamine on the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin website. d....More
Date Created: 07/04/2010

Echium Oil   
Echium oil is on it's way! For a vegetarian /  vegan sources of fatty acids, similar to Omega ....More
Date Created: 01/04/2010

Eating Well website   
I think MediShop have mentioned this website before, but it really is well worth a visit. ....More
Date Created: 30/03/2010

New pouches, new mailer boxes   
Following on from a news article 2 weeks ago, about new pouch technology, the new pouches are facili....More
Date Created: 15/03/2010

Diet Pills   
Diet pills, or Appetite suppressant as they are sometimes known, are a new product for Medishop. An....More
Date Created: 08/03/2010

Our new pouch technology is on its way!   
We will shortly be utilising a new pouch technology (see the Acai berry packaging). This means that....More
Date Created: 03/03/2010

Omega 3 may increase memory function in Boys   
A recent study, with healthy boys, potentially indicated that their working memory function altered ....More
Date Created: 24/02/2010

Excessive Omega 3 fish oil   
Yup'ik Eskimos have been involved in a study that suggests consumption of Omega 3 fish oil over the ....More
Date Created: 19/02/2010

Magnesium supplements   
A recent study from our friends across the water has identified magnesium as a supplement that may i....More
Date Created: 15/02/2010

Eczema risk reduction....   
A study from the Far East has suggested that increased intakes of Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin E a....More
Date Created: 10/02/2010

Eating Well Magazine   
Readers of our blog will have heard of Eating Well Magazine. An american magazine packed full of tas....More
Date Created: 05/02/2010

Family Health Guide   
I just Google'd 'Joint Pain' and found a great website that has a whole host of information to do wi....More
Date Created: 28/01/2010

Blueberries as a supplements   
Just spotted a very interesting article which suggests that Blueberries as a supplement may boost me....More
Date Created: 22/01/2010

Grapefruit Juice and CoQ10   
A recent study in Japan suggests that a glass on Grapefruit juice may improve the intestinal absorpt....More
Date Created: 18/01/2010

Vitamin D supplement intake   
An American study indicated that: The recommended intake for the vitamin D supplements during winte....More
Date Created: 15/01/2010

Vitamin E supplement and Bladder Cancer   
 I've just seen an article about Vitamin E supplement potentially reducing the risk of Bladder ....More
Date Created: 06/01/2010

15th December 2009   
The health benefits of those little red berries! I've been doing some research into the health bene....More
Date Created: 15/12/2009

18th November 2009   
Just saw an article on how salt-induced increases in blood pressure by about 10 mmHg can be reduced ....More
Date Created: 18/11/2009

11th November 2009   
Just spotted an article on how the Flaxseed Oil supplement may decrease the Osteoporosis risk in Wom....More
Date Created: 10/11/2009

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