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Why do I have to give my email address and telephone number?
We ask for your email address in order to confirm that Medishop has received your order. You will also receive a confirmation email from WorldPay advising that your account has been debited.
We ask for your telephone number so that we can advise you of any delays etc. We do not pass your email address or telephone number to third parties and neither do we use them for marketing purposes.

Why is my credit/debit card not accepted when I check out?
The most likely cause is failure to complete the form correctly. When entering your personal details ie name and address etc, you must complete all the fields (ie boxes) marked with a * including telephone number and email address on both card holder and delivery address details.
When entering your credit/debit card details, you must complete as follows:
Select your card type ie Visa, MasterCard, etc
Card Holder Name
 (must be the same name as shown on card)
Card Number (numbers only, no spaces)
Expiry Date (mm/yyyy) ie 06/2005
Issue No. (Switch) or Start Date (if applicable) If your card has a Start Date then use the format as before ie mm/yyyy
Security Code
Some cards, many UK-issued cards for example, have a number printed at the top of the signature strip on the reverse of the card. Enter the last three digits only
Others, American Express cards for example, have a security number printed on the front of the card, above the account number. Enter this four digits number

If you still have problems then we will be pleased to take your order by Free-phone 0800 043 66 99 between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.


What does Pharmaceutically Packed mean?
Medishop's supplements are professionally packed on premises licensed and inspected by the "Medicines and Healthcare products Regulating Authority" (MHRA). All our supplements are packed in pharmaceutical grade tubs with traceable codes, batch numbers and best before dates.

When are the goods dispatched?
Within 24 hours after receiving confirmation of payment.

Can I telephone you with an inquiry?
Yes, you can call us on Free-phone 0800 043 66 99 between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays. Very occasionally during the working day the office is unmanned so if there is no reply please ring again later.

Can you answer Medical Questions?
We are very sorry but Medishop is unable to answer any medical questions.
We recommend that you visit "The Health Supplements Information Service" for details on any particular supplement. Their fact-sheets have been designed to present the important facts about the main vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They have all been approved by their panel of experts. The fact-sheets include information such as where the nutrient can be found in food, a description of what it does, recommended intake, deficiency symptoms, who might benefit from taking it and if there are any side effects/precautions.
Advice can also be sought by consulting a medical herbalist. Call the National Institute of Medical Herbalists on 01392 426022 for details of a practitioner in your area.

What dose should I take?
It is important to stick to the dose suggested by the manufacturer, as strict guide lines cover the levels in the products sold in the United Kingdom. For more information on the Daily Intake Guidelines, call the "The Health Supplements Information Service" on 0207 370 2233 or visit the web site and look for the links either to the "Factsheet" or to the "Daily Intake Guidelines".

If you are on medication check with your GP prior to taking supplements and inform him/her of any supplements you are taking if you are about to be prescribed a drug.

Have you a catalogue of your products?
We are in the process of revising our Supplements brochure. When it is available a copy will be included with your order.

If I purchase more than one item can I have a discount.
Due to the low trading margins on the internet we regret that we are unable to offer a discount on two or three items. However if you intend to purchase quantities of four or more then, before placing your order give us a call on Free-phone 0800 043 66 99 between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays or email us:

Are your supplements suitable for vegetarians?
The following are suitable:
Multivitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Folic Acid, Ginkgo Biloba,
St John's Wort, Selenium and Echinacea.

Who are you?
Advent Healthcare Limited trade online as

Ternion Court
264 - 268 Upper Fourth Street
Milton Keynes
MK9 1DP. 

You can contact us by:
or Freephone: 0800 043 66 99 between 8am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday except bank holidays.